One important lesson I’ve learned as cycling coach

Sometimes people just won’t face the truth.

Look, contrary to what you might think (and what everyone else tells you), the perfect training program don’t make you better. It might actually make you perform even worse.

But if you implement the advice inside the perfect training program, it will make you a lot better.

In the past years I’ve made individual training programs that were ‘perfect’. These training programs were hand built and tailored specific events. Nevertheless, these programs didn’t work as they were intended to.

Why? The riders failed to implement my tips…

My point is that it doesn’t matter how good your training program is. If you don’t take action, it will never make you better. Actually, it’s no big surprise.

So here’s my training tip for you today:
Today, write a list of ideas or strategies that will improve your performance. Then, pick up to 3 strategies you want to implement and use a sharp deadline for each of these strategies. Take action now or pick a specific day during this week – not later.

Taking action is what makes you successful.

That’s why I created the 12-Week Winter Training Program the way I did. It’s straight forward advice on what you should do to build a strong aerobic base.

No magic bullets, but lots of simple and effective tips that are easy to implement.

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  • jim Link

    Hi Jesper
    I have just started your winter program with the 5 minute test of 334
    Watts and 30 minute test of 260 Watts. Do I base the sub threshold
    and threshold on the 5 or 30 minute test? Then would you recommend
    your 16 week sample program or Vo2 booster program after the winter
    program ?
    Thanks in advance

  • Sub-threshold intervals: (Heart rate: 80–87% of maximum heart rate, Power: 80-90% of threshold power (30min test))

    Following the 16-week program, I suggest you follow up with a pre-season training program. If you train for one specific goal, the 16-week training program could be a good choice. Otherwise it would probably be more helpful to make progression with more structured intervals targeting VO2 max and anaerobic endurance to increase race performance. I think you’ll need at least 4 to 6 weeks before entering races where you aim for top performance. If you have the time, 8 weeks or more is probably optimal.

  • jim Link

    Thats great Jesper keep up the good work

  • Hubert Link

    Hi Jesper ,will you create a 8 week training plan in the future?

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