Top-15 Most Popular Cycling Training Tips

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'Likes' on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. is the new social currency. In most cases there is something interesting about the most liked content. Therefore, I decided to pick the 15 most popular pages and share them with you. If you want to make sure you don't miss any action on social media please make [...]

When Should You Start The Winter Season?

Kettler ErgoRacer 2011

For some riders, serious cycling training starts on January 1st. For others, it starts on December 1st or earlier. I personally believe riders with ambitions of riding at top level (not necessarily pro level) should begin their winter training in November, but I also know that some riders prefer to not put too much pressure [...]

Review: Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald

Interview with Matt Fitzgerald

As a cycling coach and medical doctor you have many niches to master. Nutritional advice is just one of them. In the past years, I have had several requests from road cyclists and triathletes about nutritional advice and strategies to achieve optimal racing weight and performance. It seems like many athletes tend to ask very [...]

5 Practical Steps to Boost Your Race Performance Next Season

Slackline as part of your off-seaons training?

It’s October and for most riders in Europe and USA/Canada it’s the beginning of a long period without frequent cycling races. Maybe you ended your season with some of your best results ever or maybe you have already been in ‘off-season mode’ for a couple of weeks. Based on my experience, I have made a [...]

Mountain Bike Training for Beginners

Mountain Bike Training for Beginners

Here is comprehensive post about mountain bike training for beginners. The article is written by Cecilia Potts who is former junior mountain bike world champion and professional cyclist. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading. However, you may need an extra cup midway through this article, it's quite long... Enjoy! Mountain biking can [...]

Short Update About Lactate, Lactic Acid and Fatigue

What is the role of lactate in road cycling?

From a scientific/pedantic point of view, there are some common myths or misconceptions about lactic acid and lactate among road cyclists. However, from a practical point of view, these facts shouldn't change your approach to training. Not at all. Anyways, here is short update about lactate and why you shouldn’t care too much. Lactic acid [...]

Power sprints – Your Secret Weapon to Powerful Attacks

Make your attempts stronger and increase your chances of winning

Have you ever tried to launch an attack in a cycling race or maybe even an attempt to make a race-winning move? If you have, you have probably also experienced the most likely scenario: the other riders closes the gap without struggling, because your attempt lacks power. How can you learn the skill to make [...]