3 Alternative Strategies in Bad Weather


It’s not uncommon that bad weather makes serious outdoor training impossible. You know that cancelling is not an option if you want to achieve really good results, but it makes good sense to look for alternatives in extreme weather situations. Since you can’t change the weather (I guess that’s quite beyond this blog post…), you [...]

Improve Your Overall Cycling Skills and Performance in 2014

Getting back in the saddle.

2014 has arrived and now is one of the best moments to change habits and implement smarter and more healthy habits. Maybe you would like to beat your personal best in 40K time trial or win the local criterium. That’s fine. You need goals for your training. If you want to change habits (like many [...]

What happened in 2013 on Training4cyclists


In the very beginning of 2013 I published a couple of goals for my website: Publish a book and e-book bestseller on Amazon. 
(goal NOT achieved - didn’t release any books in 2013) Reach 15.000+ Email Subscribers. 
(goal NOT achieved - currently ^13300 subscribers) Publish a couple of comprehensive articles about cycling training. 
(goal NOT [...]

How to Become Stronger without Adding Muscle Mass

How to Become Stronger without Adding Muscle Mass

Here is the story about how I have spend 6 months testing and optimizing a training program helping athletes to become stronger without adding muscle mass. So far, it has been a success, but it is clear to me that I'm a much better coach than athlete... Many road cyclists enter the local gym to [...]

One important lesson I’ve learned as cycling coach


Sometimes people just won't face the truth. Look, contrary to what you might think (and what everyone else tells you), the perfect training program don't make you better. It might actually make you perform even worse. But if you implement the advice inside the perfect training program, it will make you a lot better. In [...]