Selecting the Right Bike Equipment

Open up any cycling magazine and within the first few pages you’ll see a half-dozen of the newest, greatest, road bikes and 100 reasons why you should drop what you are doing, and immediately go out and purchase a new bike. Stop. Right. There. Buying a road bike is a lot like buying a new [...]

Boosting performance with sub-threshold intervals

Richie Porte at World Championships 2011

So what is the best interval session for a road cyclist? Fact is that there is no single interval session that will cover all your needs for high intensity training. Though, there are some intervals that should be an integral part of your training regime – at least if you ask me… Interval training with [...]

3 No-Cost Tips to Improve Your Road Cycling Technique

Fabian Cancellara at World Championships in TT in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There are a million and one pieces of cycling gear out there that maybe, possibly, might make you a better road cyclist. How quick are we to open our billfolds for the latest bits of carbon to shave weight from our road bikes just because we believe it might make us go faster? I’m just [...]

Mountain Bike Race Day Tips

Mountain Bike Racing

Here are some mountain bike race day tips from Cecilia Potts who won the Junior Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships in 1997. The final 10-second countdown always sums up the race for me. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been retired from professional cycling. When I’m behind that starting line–whether it’s at a local [...]

Mountain Bike AND Road Bike Training – Does it make sense?

Mountain Bike Downhill Riding

Here’s a classic conundrum: you love mountain bike racing and you love road racing, but you’re not quite sure how to tailor a training schedule that will give you the best of all worlds when it comes to racing each discipline. Have no fear, training to race on the road and on the mountain bike [...]

How to Improve Your Mountain Bike Skills

How to Improve Your Mountain Bike Skills

Here are some great tips from Cecilia ‘Ceal’ Potts who is a former professional cyclist. Her greatest cycling accomplishment was winning the Junior Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships in 1997 so it is a great pleasure to publish her tips here on People I ride with often ask me if there’s one thing–a [...]

7 Things I Would Do If I Were Starting From Scratch

Even though I believe in intelligent training methods, there is no doubt that hard work is mandatory to reach the stars. The saying is “no pain, no gain” and there’s no doubt a bit of suffering can go a long way if you want to beat the opposition. The first rider I made a training [...]