7 Things I Would Do If I Were Starting From Scratch

Even though I believe in intelligent training methods, there is no doubt that hard work is mandatory to reach the stars. The saying is “no pain, no gain” and there’s no doubt a bit of suffering can go a long way if you want to beat the opposition. The first rider I made a training [...]

How to Optimize Your Pre-Season Cycling Training

If you add 20% to your current training volume you'll get closer to your best physical shape ever.

The road cycling race season is just about to begin and in some countries they have already started. Today I will show you some highly effective techniques that will help you to perform better from the very first race. One of the most common arguments against interval training during the winter is the risk of [...]

The Best VO2 Max Training Session

How to Become a Better Sprinter

THIS is the story behind how I developed an effective, motivating and personalised interval session, which is the perfect booster for VO2 max. Riders who succeed with this interval training technique do two things very well: First, they identify their current fitness using relevant performance tests. Second, they execute the VO2 max session as outlined. [...]

What’s happening in 2013?

Cycling Training Tips 2013

Dear readers, Hope you are all well and ready for an exciting 2013! In december 2012, I asked my email subscribers to tell me what is holding them back from becoming a better rider. More than 700 people answered that question and I wrote back to each of these helpful people. There were so many [...]

It is not all about VO2 max

The most decisive moments in a cycling race often happen at an intensity close to VO2 max. I have several times emphasized how important I believe VO2 max is for race performance. Also, I have used intervals targeted for VO2 max widely in my e-books to support my view on this training method. It’s clear [...]

10 Steps to Achieve Better Results with Interval Training

Aerodynamic Position during Time Trial

Interval training is often mentioned as the key to successful cycling training. Interval training is a cornerstone in all my training programs and I believe it is the most time effective way to achieve great results. Here is a video with 10 tips that can rapidly improve your interval training: 1.High priority to your interval [...]

Eliminate the Unnecessary

A fast Time Triallist.

I often recommend VO2 max and threshold power interval training as the most effective training methods. Though, it would be too extreme to devise the ultimate time effective training program including nothing but intervals and race days. A more realistic approach to the 80/20 rule would be to eliminate some of the 80% that have [...]