Cycling Races Are Not Organized in 15-minute Sub-threshold Intervals

Better Performance in Time Trials: Time Trial Training is the answer.

I love structured cycling training plans. Clearly designed and optimized interval training that fits perfectly to your current fitness. Beautiful isn’t? Take for example my 12-week winter training program: it forces you to tackle scheduled intervals three times per week and also perform an increasing amount of training. Very controlled and easy to follow. And [...]

47 Ways To Become a Better Race Rider

IF YOU think you’ve reached your cycling peak, then you should be applauded for training hard and doing all the right things. But when preparing and taking part in a race, are you really doing everything you should be? We can always find ways to boost our performance. In fact, the smallest improvements can make [...]

How to Boost Carb-Loading Before a Cycling Race

How to Boost Carb-Loading Before a Cycling Race

Most cyclists and triathletes have heard about and experienced the consequences of insufficient carb-loading before races. Carbohydrate loading has been used for many years to boost performance in cycling races lasting more than two hours in duration. While there are various methods of carb-loading, the process basically involves consuming large quantities of carbohydrate-rich food in [...]

Practical Tips for Rehydration After Exercise

Rehydration after cycling training

Here are some practical tips helping you to become well hydrated after training and cycling races: The first step towards a better rehydration strategy is to measure your body weight before and after exercise. By monitoring changes in body mass from pre- to post-exercise, you’ll get important information about your current strategy for fluid intake [...]

The Story Behind the 12-Week Winter Training Program

Now it is more than 4 months since I launched the updated version of my popular 12- week winter training program. The 12-week winter training program has actually been available since 2007 as a free version. Why? Because having thousands of users leaving feedback for me about this training program, I’ve gained more information than [...]

100 Year-Old Frenchman Sets Cycling One Hour Record

Just a motivating reminder to all readers of this blog who are under 100 years old: Frenchman Robert Marchand entered the cycling record books in the one-hour event on Friday 17th of February 2012, three months after celebrating his 100th birthday. Marchand rode impressive 24.251 kilometres around an indoor track to establish the first-ever hour [...]

Power Meters Are Not Compulsory

The arrival of power meters sparked a new craze in the 1990s and they are now a part and parcel of the make-up of most pro riders.
 Power meters are invaluable tools for pacing control and interval sessions, and are especially useful for time trial training. But the bottom line is that they are not [...]