Shimano and Trek work together

Shimano and Trek Bikes are about to present a new interesting city bike. has got some interesting spy pictures of this new bike. The Jonathan Maus on received the spy pictures from a friend, who visited a show for dealers.

This new group is supposed to revolutionize city bikes and appeal to a whole new group of people. Shimano is working with select companies to build bikes around it and one of them is Trek, who just wrapped up their big, secret, dealer-only get together in Wisconsin.

Bike Gallery owner Jay Graves was very excited about the new Shimano/Trek combination:

“The bike is really fun to ride and will be super easy for novice riders to use! Through Shimano’s marketing support we should be able to expose a lot of new potential cyclists to this new technology and that’s terrific! More healthy people having fun using bikes! More bikes means more power to advocate for more and safer bike infrastructure. This has tons of potential…”

I guess the bike mentioned above will be on the market in 2007.
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