VO2 Max Booster Program – Intervals Targeted For VO2 Max

Welcome to the 2nd day of the VO2 Max Booster Program. Yesterday I told you to perform a 1hour workout including a VO2 max test. 

Doing a physical test at the beginning of a new training program is a great way to get a picture of your current physical status. When you use physical tests to track your progress, it is important to do tests that are relevant for the physical parameters you want to improve. So in our situation we would like to do a test that will give an estimate of what we can perform at intensities around VO2 max.

Day 2 is the first real step in the VO2 Max Booster Program, the part that makes this training program outstanding and helps you to increase your VO2 max in only 14 days.

Day 2 – Intervals targeted for VO2 max

Today we will start with the real part of the VO2 Max Booster Program, the part that makes this training program outstanding and helps you to increase your VO2 max in only 14 days.

One of the secrets behind this program is time effective focused interval training. Working with higher intensity means you need less time toi achieve similar results. Also it is worth remembering that well trained cyclists need training close to their VO2max to continue improvements of this important physiological parameter.

Day 2
Total time: 1hr training
20min incremental warm up
10 x (30+30sec) 100 / 50% VO2 Max
30min Easy/medium rolling

This workout is an appetizer for what you wil meet in the next two weeks. Keep up the good work!

Next step: Day 3 – Reduce Training Volume (Did you miss Day1?)

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  • marvin tolentino Link

    hi! i’m confused about your VO2 max program.But I would like to certainly try it. What does 10x(30+30sec)100/50% VO2 max mean?
    I mean 10 means sets,right? But what about 30+30sec? Does it mean I should do 30 sec all out then anoother 30sec at 50%? What I do now is climb a steep hill about 25% grade 4km for 15 min X 4 sets.Really simple training I guess.Hope you can help .Thanks!

  • evo l Link

    i to really like the program, but have the same question re 10X(30+30)100/50%

  • Michael Link

    You both are correct, 30sec 100% power (all out sprint) and 30 sec at 50% (turning over the pedals), repeat 10x.

  • Gerry Link

    Hi, I read the article with great interest. I have no doubt it works. However from other sources I find that VO2 intake reaches its maximum after approx. 60-90sec and that 4min intervals are sort of an optimum to develop VO2max (i.e. shorter is too short and longer is not VO2max). I can’t see how the shorter intervals (e.g. 30sec) you prescribe are the most effective then.
    Thanks Gerry

  • Bob Link

    I’ve followed this program and was able to complete it on time.
    Did notice a 20 watt improvement. Question,I used a much higher wattage above the vo2 test for most of the intervals and still was able to finish each session, was this wrong?
    Also, can I just keep repeating the fourteen session booster program and still improve?

  • fakehips Link

    Just a suggestion – your answer to Marvin and evo1 on 25 Aug 09 stated that the 30 springs were at 100% power (all out sprint), which is not what the workout webpage stated…..if I’m a dope, ok, but your instructions on the Day 2 workout were 100/50% VO2Max. I assumed the “100” was 100% VO2Max, not my max power…..should be an easy cleanup to avoid further confusion.

  • Roger Link

    If my average wattage for the 5 minute test is 400. Do I use 400W as the power output for all the intervals or is the wattage adjusted based on the duration of the interval. Also, would the 400W be my VO2max

  • Gregor Pecnik Link

    Hello, just joining but having similar misunderstanding in respect to training formula 10 x (30+30sec) 100 / 50% VO2 Max- > this is as far I can see related to max power, but can this be defined in terms of HR as I am not using powermeter?

  • Fredrik Segerfalk Link

    Gregor, you need to use a power meter for shorter intervals. Heart rate reacts far too slow to be of any use.

  • Andy Link

    Could I combine your VO2 Max Booster Program – Intervals with some weights after wards? My focus on the weights is mainly to build strength (squats, dead lifts, leg curls, leg press and core) and will only work with weights twice a week.


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