20 Percent Higher Critical Power after only 4 Weeks Effective Training

Yesterday Gonzalo talked about his improvements after four weeks of wattage controlled cycle training. Now I can present another rider with an even more impressive performance.

Paul Skiba has made improvements that is much better than I would have expected, so I certainly understand why he is so happy.

Here is the interview: 

Today you have completed your critical power test for sprint power and anaerobic endurance after 4 weeks of training in the Power Meter Project. What is your reaction to your performance in these tests?
Paul Skiba: “I am a competitive person. I was competitive when I was young and strong and I’m just as competitive now though not as strong but maybe smarter.

Because I previously did all my tests indoors, I was committed to doing all my tests indoors again. I ride the majority of my winter miles indoors on a trainer or on my rollers I started searching for answers as to how I c/would better my results in these first two metrics and compete with Gonzalo.

In the 5 sec sprint I knew I would be hard pressed to touch his results since I couldn’t flex the bike as much as I might in a real road sprint. I was able to tweak my form a little and put out 955 watts which is a 20.7% gain over my previous result.

I’m pleased with that though its not close to what I have pulled on the road.

Apply the same thinking to the 1 min test though I thought I could be more competitive. I focused on gutting myself and going for an all time best 60 second effort.

My wife provided support by counting down in 10 sec increments so I wouldn’t have to look at the clock.

I was able to put out 551 watts, which is an 18% increase and with my deceasing weight dropped me in at 7.9 watts/kilo better then Gonzalo’s initial effort by .2 but short of his latest effort .”

In what way have your training been different during the Power Meter Project?
Paul Skiba: “I worked with a CTS coach previously, there testing paradigm utilizes 2 x 8 minute all out efforts, I understand only one is really considered for setting my ranges. I also used there labs for VO2 and lactate testing.

Utililizing the CTS methodology I was unable to directly connect my various efforts during training with direct results in a test or tests.

Using Jesper’s system I am able to directly connect my efforts in training with a body system I’m working which will allow for better test results and make me a stronger cyclist.

The difference in what I’m doing as far as the training goes is that I’m doing more sprints then I have at this point in the past and probably a little less tempo.

I’m riding my endurance miles at a little lower intensity then I did in the past since last season I cooked myself by the end of the year pouring on hard edurance efforts. ”

Before we know the results from your vo2max and threshold tests: What are your conclusions so far?
Paul Skiba: “I’m extremely happy with my results. I do not anticipate anything close to the same improvment in my results for the next two tests though I will be a lot stronger.

This off-season has been a fruitful one in that I’ve identified shortcomings in my nutrition and performance based psychology and taken active steps to improve both of them.

All of this work along with Jesper’s workouts and structure has brought me to a point where I’m feeling fit, strong, and ready for more. I am eagerly anticipating the next phase of training.”

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  • Gonzalo Link

    Congratulations Paul, amazing improvement! I see Im being you motivation for your indoor training ;-). Im sure you will do even better outdoors. Two years ago I did a lot of indoor training and I learned that the most important thing is to cool properly, heat decreased performance dramatically. Congrats again.

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