Getting Started with New Training Methods


I know it might seem difficult to implement all my training advice at once.

To use a structured cycling training plan, eliminate recovery rides, implement advanced VO2 max intervals etc.

However, if you don’t practice with these tools, they won’t help you.

So taking action is crucial, but there is no reason to panic.

I’ve used all the above training methods with success. They do work. Actually, they work surprisingly well, because they touch some of the most essential training principles needed to succeed.

So instead of getting overwhelmed, I suggest you pick one new strategy and try it out.

If you’re skeptical to these new training methods, test them it out in a nonrisky part of the season where peak performance is not required.

See how it feels and what difference it does to your performance.

Make your own customizations based on your experience. Remember that you will never find a training plan or method that won’t benefit from individual customization.

And when you’ve successfully implemented a new training strategy, continue to improve it and be open for other improvements in your training.

It’s a life long learning process.

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