Got Cycling Training Questions? Ask Away!

Every week readers send me questions via e-mail, which I answer individually. I believe that most of these questions have interest for a wider audience than just one single person. Thus, I would like to post some of these reader questions in a weekly post for a beginning. I’m gonna answer specific reader questions every friday from now on, if you have questions on your mind, feel free to use the form below.

First blog post with questions and answers will be on the 21st of November.

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  • Hi,
    I am beginner I would like to have information on brakes lever,
    on which side is the rear and the front ?
    to start at 0 level what workout should I do at first?
    when to use a long crank (175) and why?

    Hope to read you soon,



  • Ed Bidinotto Link

    Hi, I am a 59 y/o, 6’3″, 178lb cyclist. I am trying to increase my avg mph during rides. I live in Colorado and train hills and flats. I usually ride with men/women who are in their 30’s and 40’s and we are always separated by at least 2-3 mph.

    I can do mountain rides like the Triple Bypass so the distance is never the question up to 120 miles. It is just speed over that distance.

    Is it realistic at my age that I can beef up my overall speed up hills and try to keep up with the pack? I am lost as far as what to use for training methods that will give me the biggest bang for the buck.


  • Stefan Link

    I am mountainbike rider,i am riding since 2007. and i was born 1989. november 6th,so I am 21. years old now,is it to late for me to make some results and get better and stronger in road cycling here and on the world scene?Am I to old for big successes ?I have several successes and 1st places on races but only in my country.
    Thanks and hope to hear answer from you soon.

  • Mandie Link

    I’m currently training for a 3900 mile tour next summer. I have been a runner for the past 6 years and I have only switched to serious cycling recently. I started training in September, so I’ve probably been training for about 12 weeks. I’m averaging about 70 miles cycling a week at this point, as well as walking and running. My question is, I’ve been 140lbs since I was a teenager and now I’m 145. I noticed the change when I stopped running and started cycling. What’s the reason for this? Am I doing something wrong or is this normal? I want to make sure my body is ready for next summer! Thanks!

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