Great Cycling Training Programs For Better Performance

Using a power meter is a great tool for optimizing of your training, but having a good structure on your training is even more important. I have listed some good examples of how a training program can be built:

12-week winter training program (The story behind the program)

12-week pre-season training program

12, 14, 16 and 18 hours per week training program

If you think it is cold outside (or if it really is cold outside…) then try one of these indoor cycling programs:

Aerobic and anaerobic programs and more effective aerobic programs.

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  • I love your site. I’ve found it very useful and interesting to read. I signed up to do a cycling study at my school in North Carolina, USA. They are trying to study the effects of overtraining. We did a VO2 max test last week:

    50W – 3min
    100W – 3min
    150W – 3min
    200W – 3min
    225W – 1min
    250W – 1min

    325W – 1min — Stopped after this, couldn’t go on anymore.

    From there they calculated that 75% if my VO2 max would be roughly 200W. I came in to cycle 200W, they measured my O2 levels with that breathing machine in 10 minute intervals. At 22mins they took the wattage down to 190, at 42 minutes they took it down to 180W. The ride was hard, but doable. I’m suppose to find out my VO2 on Saturday at the conclusion of the study as an incentive to finish the study.

    From all this, what do you think my VO2 max is and what is my Functional Threshold Power (20minute). How should I be training? I like to do crits. I’m a Cat5 in america, and have not been too successful in crits partly due to poor strategy (starting at the back) and the constant high intensity. Crits last about 30 minutes for me.


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