How to Ride Faster

A Guide to Better Performance with Less Effort

Would you like you to ride faster? This step-by-step guide learns you all the necessary skills to make your own successful training program and achieve better results:

  • Define your goal and optimize your training to meet specific challenges
  • Gain insight on different interval types and give your training a ‘custom fit’.
  • Understand the power of highly effective cycling training principles

How to Ride Faster is packed with high quality training tips that will help you to perform better.

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How to Ride Faster – What’s included

This eBook is written by cycling coach and medical doctor Jesper Bondo Medhus. How to Ride Faster is a downloadable PDF document that is designed to help road cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes to perform better on their bikes.

Here is why I believe this eBook will make you faster:

  • Clear description of the key principles of solid cycling training
  • Strong focus on what we know and not what we believe
  • Ready-to-use training programs to illustrate my view on modern cycling training

How to Ride Faster is not supposed to be a ‘get strong fast’ approach. You will not see miracles overnight. Instead, you will be introduced to scientific based training principles that will accelerate your training progress. And in the long run, you will spend less time and still make progress.

List of Content
Chapter 1 – Describe Your Challenges
Chapter 2 – Threshold Power
Chapter 3 – VO2 Max
Chapter 4 – Anaerobic Training
Chapter 5 – VO2 Max Booster Program
Chapter 6 – 16 Week Training Program
Chapter 7 – Strength Training
Chapter 8 – Final Words from Jesper

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m sure you will enjoy How to Ride Faster and improve your cycling performance with my training methods. Nevertheless, if you for some reason are not satisfied with this eBook, you will get your money back. No questions asked.

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