How To Trackstand For Beginners

I have always been fascinated by trackstanding. Standing completely still on a bike looks so cool. This skill is often used of track sprinters when they are trying to stay behind their opponent in the tactical part of the sprint. It looks difficult, but actually it is possible to learn how to make a good trackstand with some practice. Normally I post advice about the physical training, but today’s post is dedicated for technical skills. 

Before you start practicing:
• Wear a bike helmet. Accidental events might happen during practice and wearing a helmet is always a good thing.
• Use regular pedals and shoes. Instead of using your finest carbon cycling shoes, wear a normal pair of shoes. It makes it easier for you to jump of the bike, when/if you loose the balance.

Tips that will make your trackstanding easier
• Place the pedal arms at 3 and 9 o’clock.
• Turn the front wheel to the side of the front foot.
• Stand up.
• Use an incline road.
• Use a fixed gear bike.
• Practice

The best way to learn trackstanding is practice. Before you start out you should have a look at this video clip to see how the basic position looks:

Basic trackstanding (20 seconds video clip)

If you think trackstanding is a cool skill to master, take a look at these links:

Advanced tricks (3.59 min video clip)

Advanced tricks (3.14 min video clip)

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