Improve your performance with a power meter

My theory is that the intelligent rider will achieve more success in his cycling career than his opponents. It is already concluded that it is possible to improve performance through better training principles, better materials and proper nutrition. The intelligent rider uses these conclusions to become an even better rider. One of the places to get more information about training planning, materials and nutrition is on this website. I think that one of the most interesting topics for cyclists and triathletes right now is wattage training. As a cycling coach I can see so many logical ways to use a power meter, that I can only recommend that you afford one.

This blog is updated with news about physiology, exercise and reviews. There is an introduction on how to integrate a power meter like SRM, Ergomo or Powertap in your training. Like the heart rate monitor was the best way to monitor training in the last decade, power meter training is the gold standard now. Power meters are getting affordable, but they are still very expensive. Therefore I suggest you spend some time studying how to get the most out of your investment.

Power meters are getting very popular especially among professionals. It is very easy for them to measure their effort to a cycling coach. As a cycling coach myself I know how difficult it can be to give advices to riders. With the development of power meters I got a very powerful tool to optimize their training. Now it is much easier to discover weaknesses and help my riders to improve. When I make training plans for my riders I can make specific intervals made for their actual level. And the best of it is, that it is much easier for them to ride the intervals as described because the watts are not influenced by the wind, course or equipment.

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