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  1. I would like a program that helps me lose that last 15-20 pounds I need to lose (I’ve lost 20+ since taking up cycling 2 years ago) and make the jump from somewhat fast recreational cyclist to Cat 4/5 racer.

  2. A crash at Ironman Hawaii left my hopes for a top place in my age group in pieces, like my scapula and clavicle. Next year I age up to 55-59. Having once set the 40-44 record and having been on the podium about ten times I want to reestablish myself as the top age group athlete in Kona, accounting for age, When aiming for Ironman I have ten hours per week for the cycling, about 6 hours in the season leading up to the race. This year before the crash I was averaging about 210 watts. I need 235 to really fly. 3 minute efforts at 300 watts and ten minute efforts at 250 watts. Can you help?

  3. I’m new to road cycling (1800 miles this year) and would like to have a program to develop endurance. I have limited exercise equipment (bowflex) along with an indoor trainer.

  4. I have a powermeter and live in Australia (a colder bit) so can ride the whole year through, some sort of power guides (based around FTP) would be really useful … it will be another 5-6 months before I get to use them however.

  5. I need a plan to incorporate training with power on the bike, as well as strength training. I have been trying to lift several times a week, but don’t know where to place that with hard rides. On the same day, after cycling? Not on the rest days, right? I am a long time rider, but new to racing. I need to improve my strength to weight ratio and improve my power up short hills (2-3 minute hills).

  6. Returning to the bike after a 20 year layoff. Was serious road cyclists (cat4). Have been taking 1 hr. advance spin classes consistently for 10 months 2-3 times per week. Ride fast paced 50 milers with bike club on weekends for the past 2 months. Need exercises this winter to get stronger. Have had ACL repair. Goal is to perform well in century rides. Age 53 177lbs 6’2″

  7. One thing I would really like to read about, is tips and advice on how to structure a winter training program – when and how to include intervals, training progression and stuff like that.

    Maybe examples of templates for structuring the weekly traing, tools that could be helpful when constructing (winter) training programs. Or simply advice on how to tweak the program you plan to present (I know it sounds like I am not interested in the training program you are about to publish – this is definitely not the case. It’s just that I would like to see more general advice on training, and designing training programs).

    I am not sure this is what you asked for, but this is what I could wish for in your upcoming article. Thumbs up for a great site and great articles btw! πŸ™‚

  8. I’m a 56 year old female. have been in pretty good shape but fell off for a few years due to job. am working back up.

    I’ve begun riding with a road group 3x weekly, 22 miles. am pretty comfortable with the 18 mph speed, but am left in the dust by the flyboys who do 22 – 23+. I would like to be able to keep up, do the 22mph range, but don’t know how to get there. need more power, endurance. want winter program! yes! and am wondering how strength training fits in.


  9. i’m 25 years old cat 1 elite french rider and i want to have a very good fitness in the first part of the season .i like to road my bike in the winter and done weight training to

  10. Would like to see a program that takes into consideration that most of us have full time jobs, and will be doing a lot of our winter training indoors. I think the program’s overall goal should revolve around increasing functional threshold power. Thanks!

  11. I would like a power-based plan with some guidance on when certain types of training should be incorporated as the winter progresses. Depending on snow conditions I may be able to XC ski for many months, or maybe ride on the road all winter. It would be nice to be able to count backward from when the season starts to know when to add intensity, etc, and be able to adjust this to suit weather conditions.

    Another nice thing would be some guidance on how to prioritize different types of training when time conflicts arise. Sometimes I can find 18 hours a week for riding, sometimes only 3. Usually 6-12.

    I have been riding 3 years now after a 15 year hiatus. My goals are to get down to 90kg from current 98, and to get 5 second W/kg to over 17, and threshold to as close to 4 W/kg as possible. This is to be my first year with structured training. Options with a focus on FTP or 5 min max for example would be nice. Ability to address specific weaknesses.

    For me, a complicated daily plan with all sorts of intervals with very specific instructions like gearing, 10 seconds this, 15 seconds that, etc is too much of a hassle. Ideally the daily workout should be able to be explained in a few sentences. If I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do out on the bike, and need to bring a written list of things to do, that will not work.

    And I want a pony πŸ˜‰


  12. Thanks for all comments.

    Still I haven’t finished the winter training program, but I’ve noticed your comments and am trying to make a program that can be custimized to satisfy your demands.

    The program is a little delayed, but I hope the program is worth waiting for.

    Best regards,


  13. I’ve signed for a sponsored cycle which will be about 100km. It’s on in Jan so I’ve 2 months t prepare. I’m athletic as it is but I know this is nothing to be taken lightly. I need a program that will help my endurance. The most I’ve cycled is about 25 – 30km in one go. Thanks.

  14. Nice website! At last a useful training one!
    I would like a training plan geared toward increasing my TH level with also some jumps from threshold to v02max levels.
    My aim next year is to move up from cat2 to cat1 road racing in the UK. I can work with 10 – 15 hours (max) a week, I tend to skip recovery days as I have total rest on these, so the 10 – 15 hours would be ‘real’ training.
    How about concentrating on raising TH levels – this helps everybody whether triathlete, xc racer, time triallist or (the toughest in terms of competition IMO) road racer.
    Oh yeah I can push out just about 5 watts per KG (over the hour calculated as the 20 min tt – 5% as the hour tt is a lot of bother).

    Like the chap who wants a pony (why – they have bad power to weight ratio ) simple plans are the best then we can tweak them a bit to avoid boredom and staleness setting in. On the Sunday most cyclists go out for a group ride for 4 hours or so and maybe try and incorporate this. It stops us getting lonely.

  15. Simon, you manage a 5 W/kg FTP on 10-15 hours training per week? What am I doing wrong πŸ˜‰ Just curious, what is your 5 second power?


    PS: “And I want a pony.” is popular phrase among computer nerds (and perhaps others?) that means one acknowledges that the requests one has just made are probably unrealistic and not feasible. Sometimes it is given as a response to an unrealistic request: “And you want a pony?”

  16. In fact at least 4.96w/kg FTP (over the hour TT) .
    879 watts over the 5 secs which equates to 13.63w/kg
    I’m not a sprinter, unless its at the end of a long hilly race πŸ™‚

    I have been racing seriously for 5 years though.

  17. Jesper,

    I am really looking forward to seeing the training program that you are putting together. Here in Texas, the winters are short, so I want to maximize what I can gain from the relatively few number of weeks. I’ve been really lacking motivation lately, and I think that a scheduled workout plan will really help to get me rolling. I appreciate your work on this!

  18. Cycled a lot fifteen years ago.
    have singed up to a five day 100km per day cycle for charity in june.
    Need a plan to start me off and build me up to this.

  19. I am 56 years old and have had a layoff from cycling for the past 12 years. I weigh 110 Kgs @ 1.98m tall. Now I am back on the road, I really have a problem on the hills, I can’t keep up to the bunch like I used to.
    I would really like a winter program for indoor training that will improve my strength for riding uphill.

    Best regards,

  20. Thanks for this FREE plan I plan to use it this Autum/winter. Could you provide details of prescribed intensities for the Aerobic Power sessions please. Percentage of V02 max or Max HR would be great. Again thanks

  21. We just move to Canada and it has been challenging for us ( my usband-40, my son-11, and I-38) keep cycling because we are not used to do it in winter. We had goog performance and it is sad we need to stop riding for so many months what do you recommend me to do, do you know some places to do indoor cycling?

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