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I’m busy at the moment (having an important exam on Tuesday) so the posting frequency here at Cycling Training Tips will be lower than normal until Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean there is no interesting articles for you.

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  • Brian Sumpter Link

    I really have enjoyed your website. All of the information is very practical and in an easy to understand format.
    I have been looking for a winter trainig program and I think yours will fit nicely.
    Since I started using my indoor trainer after the time change this year I have been doing intervals twice a week for an hour; a long ride on Saturdays and a recovery ride on Sundays.

    The question I have is during the interval workouts you have listed in your 12 week program; you do not mention anything about cadence and gearing.
    Can you give me some guidelines concerning these items?


  • Brian,

    Glad you like my website and hope you will enjoy the winter training program.

    I know there are no objevtive recommendations like target zones for heart rate or power output. When I designed the program I decided to not use percentages for heart rate or power output but instead use the subjective terms low, high, very high etc.

    This decision makes the program more flexible because people have the option to make the program fit into their regular way of calculating power outputs (or heart rates). Percentage of threshold power is one way to calculate your power output, but other people use different methods. Also there is the possibity to ride the program without heart rate monitor or power meter.

    Don’t focus too much on gearing..! It’s extremely difficult to make any significant change to one’s riding style. Also it is important to notice that fast pedalling is not necessarily the right way for all cyclists.

    Power sprints could be done well on gearing 53/14-17 depending on your fitness.


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