Power Meter Project 2007 – Spencer Kenner

Spencer Kenner is a very experienced rider, but a true beginner into power meter training. He wants to improve his time trialing and climbing with a wattage controlled training program.

Name: Spencer Kenner
Power meter: Power Tap SL

How would you describe yourself as a cyclist?
I’ve ridden for over 20 years, 10 of which I’ve raced.  Recently a Cat 3 and struggle to be competitive with the Master 1-3’s when it gets hilly and real fast. I’m not great at any one discipline but would like to climb and TT better.  I’m 6’2″ and fluctuate between 170-175 pounds.  I do some cycle cross and mountain bike for training.  Right now I’m in the gym 2-3 times per week trying to build power and strength.

What are your previous experiences with power meter training?
None, except for the occasional test where I’ve tested at around 275 watts at threshold, and 375 max.

What is your main goal with the Power Meter Project 2007?
My goal is to train more efficiently and understand my weaknesses and how to make them strengths, i.e. climbing and TT.  I’ve used a heart rate monitor for years but I’m not able to develop a consistent plan based on it alone. And it’s always a struggle to know when I’m just tired or overtrained with the HR monitor.

I think the power meter should help with that.  Also, I’m just getting a Power Tap this next week or so and want a good baseline to begin with. Of  course any real and effective training tips to meet my goals would be greatly appreciated as well.

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