Want to Ride faster in 2013?

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What does people say?

“I have improved my Vo2max test result by more than 40 watts in just 2 months with only approx 6 hours weekly traning.”
“VO2 threshold improved from 290W to 354W after 3 rounds of the 14 day VO2 Max program.”
“Concise, practical, balanced approach to training. I Especially liked the focus on shorter workouts to develop vo2 max and anaerobic capacity.”

Who am I?

Jesper Bondo MedhusMy name is Jesper Bondo Medhus. I am a medical doctor with a special interest in cycling training. In fact, my interest in exercise physiology inspired me to start studying medicine at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, back in 2001. I work at the Hospital of Vejle as a physician specializing in clinical physiology and nuclear medicine.

In my spare time I write articles for my blog Training4cyclists.com and previously worked as a personal coach for young, talented riders in Denmark. These cyclists have been representing the Danish national team at junior and under-23 level in international races, world cups, world championships and European championships.

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