Should 2009 Be Your Best Season Ever?

It is all about taking the decision. Should 2009 be your best season ever – yes or no? If the answer is yes, please continue reading…

Making 2009 to your best season is a good decision and more importantly, you have taken the decision at the right time. Normally I recommend serious training to begin in November with a progressive increase in training amount throughout the winter. Thus, if you plan to make big results in April, starting out on scheduled training efforts in November is perfect. Endurance events like road cycling takes time, and no one will become super start overnight.

Even natural born talents have to train consistently to be able to make results in the spring.

That is good news for many of us, because when it comes to talent most of us are not that talented. But in road cycling you can achieve great results if you plan your training carefully and stick to it.

Thus, if you decide to train consistently and work hard, results are waiting for you. It’s just about taking the decision and right time to take action is now..!

Over to the readers:
1) Do you have plans about making 2009 to your best season ever?

2) What steps will you do to make next season successful?

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  • Psyker Link

    First season ever!
    I did some road cycling in 2008 but not with racing goals…

    I hope to do some racing in 2009 so I have a training plan for 2009 that begun on october 27th

  • Looking forward to a great year. It’s the last year Masters Track Worlds are being held in Sydney so easy to get to from New Zealand.

    I can measure power on my track bike now as well as road so can work on power delivery at higher cadences.

    Main priority for me will be losing weight. At least 20kg as it doesn’t matter how much power I can produce if I am carting all that weight round with me.

  • Nice to have power measurement on your track bike. That is a cool feature 😉

  • cvn Link

    i got back into biking last year and now i am hoping to progress to some races.

    but my form seemed to stagnate. i had no training plan and just rode a bunch of miles.

    luckily i came across this site and i am anxious to incorporate the principles.

  • Simon B Link

    Just bought a power tap after 4 years of HRM training. I’ll try an put it to good use of the winter, especially aiming at improving my TT efforts. 2008 was a good season for me as I moved up another category here in the UK.

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