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  • Unibet.com were not allowed to use their normal jerseys yesterday when they raced in Prix d’Ouverture la Marseillaise in France. In the Boulder Reportthey wonder why Unibet.com were not allowed to this when teams like la Francaise des Jeux (lottery game) and Predictor-Lotto (another lottery game) don’t have the same problems?I guess that Unibet.com got many times more attention than they normally will in a race like that. In this short message they are now mentioned three times (without mentioning which team won the race…)
  • There is a good article about how marathon running can damage your heart. The conclusion was to train wisely and well before entering a marathon. I think that all endurance athletes can benefit from that advice.
  • Recovox has a good article on why we get tired.

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