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I started this blog back in August 2006. There have been an increasing amount of visitors and I am very happy for the feedback I get from all the readers. This post is number 72 indicating that is no longer a baby, but is starting to grow.

Power meter project
In the beginning of 2007 I will present a very interesting project. I have included a couple of serious cyclists in a 12 week power meter project where they will try to improve their performance with wattage controlled training principles. I will present the participants in the week after Christmas.

Copy cats
Unfortunately I have already experienced a couple of other blogs republishing my articles without asking for nor receiving permission to do so. First of all: I am glad when other people like one of my articles so much that they would like to show it to their readers on their own blogs. But I get dissapointed when people steal my work without even contacting me. Please respect the copyright: Make a link to the article instead. 

How do you support
Links to or specifique articles are the best way to support and will be appreciated. Make a link in your blog, tell your friends about the site or mention it on cycling forums. In that way you will motivate me to write more articles because I can see that people are happy to visit my blog.

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