Two of Armstrong´s teammates admit drug use

Frankie Andreu and an anonymous team mate that helped Lance Armstrong to win the Tour de France in 1999, admit use of the drug EPO. This news is published in New York Times and is a rare interview that shows some of the dark sides of cycling. Frankie Andreu  was a loyal helper for more than a decade. 

In the interview with New York Times at his home in Dearborn, Michigan, Andreu said that he took EPO for only a few races and that he was acknowledging his use now because he thought doping was damaging his sport. Continued doping and denial by riders may scare away fans and sponsors for good, he said.

“There are two levels of guys,” Andreu said. “You got the guys that cheat and guys that are just trying to survive.”
Both of Armstrong’s former teammates also said they never saw Armstrong take any banned substances.

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