Waiting for Results from Critical Power Tests

The Power Meter Project 2007 has now entered the 6th week of the project, which means that the riders will perform four critical power tests to see if they have made progress with their individual training programs.

The critical power tests will be done in the exactly same order and same conditions as in the first week of the project. This procedure is done to minimize errors. For the same reason I led the riders test the testing procedure two weeks before the project started. This was done to make sure they knew what they were supposed to do and how they should pace themselves properly. As I have said previously this is not a scientific study, but I think it is good way to see who can benefit from wattage based cycling training.

I’m really excited to get the reports from the riders in the end of the week. I have already had some emails from the riders, indicating that there are some improvements to look out for. I know that they have done a great job, so I predict improvements for all of them.

After this week, the riders will receive a new program that will prepare them for the race season. The final tests in this project will be performed in week 12.

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