We Need More Submissions For The Power Meter Profile Project

We are now close to 40 submissions for the Power Meter Profile Project. That is great, but we need even more submissions because that will make the data more reliable. Category 1 riders are the best represented group in the project so far, but all other groups are represented. If you have not performed the tests yet or just haven’t sent them, read more about the Power Meter Profile Project.

I know that there are many cyclists that use the tests in this project, so by participating in this project you will have a unique chance to compare power meter data with people from the rest of the world. Thus, I will strongly recommend you to submit to the project and ask your friends to do the same.

I want to publish a lot of statistics about watts and related parameters. I need to know the power profiles of as many athletes as possible, so please tell your friends about this project. The more power profiles I get, the better and more reliable results can be presented here on the website.

Last chance to participate is 31st of July 2007

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  • L Oertel Link

    Do you want numbers from one ride or the best wattage numbers from more than one ride combined?

  • I want the best results you’ve performed. Training rides, races or tests can be used. Doing all four tests in the same ride is not possible.

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