Write the best beginner cycling tips and win $25!

There is currently a competition going on at Training4cyclists.com. You can win $25 to your Paypal account by entering your best beginner cycling tips here. If you don’t want to win these money, you can still get some really useful tips from the participants. So far there are 5 entries to this little competition and I guess there are more to come. The winner will be chosen on June 5th.

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  • Marc Fraser Link

    I have been cycling seriously for one year now and have noticed huge gains in my all round performance i.e time trialling, climbing, and races and I hjave achieved these gains by following this simple formula:
    Go directly to the source for your information et voila.

    That’s right,to many average riders throw out advice freely but to gain knowledge look at what gearings the best guys use,ask questions dont be intimidated and surround yourself with books etc of former Tour de France winners Indurain,Le Mond etc.

    Furthermore even though you may tell yourself you want to win the giro next year,set a realistic long term goal and take nibbles out of it. For example my first ride was a time trial 10 mile my goal was to get under 30 mins, each week taking 30 seconds off as the times got lower the 30 seconds got harder so I tweaked my goals to 20 seconds and so on, I now ride a 22min 10 mile and my next goal is to hit sub 21min with a view to improving to hit 20.30secs by May next year.

    Always have a goal but be realistic.

    But above all else on hard training sessions and break aways racing learn to weigh up what’s easier to live with temporary pain or the shame of being dropped (this one I use hundreds of times in every race and time trial)

    Good luck and embrace pain it will make you only stronger!

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