Free Ebook: 47 Ways to Become a Better Race Rider

Boost Your Cycling Training Plan and Increase Performance Within 30 Days!

Want to Boost Your Training Plan and Ride Much Faster?
Download my free e-book today and learn how to make significant improvements in race performance. You'll ride faster and perform better within 30 days.
The author of this free e-book is Jesper Bondo Medhus who is a medical doctor and cycling coach.
He has helped thousands of road cyclists and triathletes achieve better results making simple, but very effective training plans. 
What does people say?
“I have improved my Vo2max test result by more than 40 watts in just 2 months with only approx 6 hours weekly traning.”

“VO2 threshold improved from 290W to 354W after 3 rounds of the 14 day VO2 Max program.”

In This E-book, You'll Learn:

  • How to prepare before a cycling race
  • How to ride in a peloton
  • Different strategies for breakaways
  • Tactical moves to optimize winning chances
  • How to ride on the last KM
  • 7 Random skills that will take you from good to great

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