Basic Principles of Cycling Training for Beginners – If you are a hard-working cyclist, you deserve to achieve good results with the work you do. You don’t (necessarily) have to train more or harder to achieve better results.

If you get the right structure with proper amounts of interval training on the good days, there is a good chance that you will improve fast and continue doing so. And yes, I believe interval training should be in every training program when planning cycling training for beginners.

3 Effective Indoor Cycling Workouts – For most riders, the winter season is dull with indoor training like spinning, home trainer, or stationary bicycling. I think it is boring too, and therefore I have invented a couple of training programs which have proved to be very effective and short in time.

Age is No Barrier to Cycling Training – Getting older – it happens to us all. However, most people are content to pick up their pipe and slippers and enjoy a more relaxing, sedentary lifestyle in their twilight years.

Pottering about in the garden might be the total of their exercise regime. But if you are passionate about sport, keeping fit, and challenging yourself to greater heights, then hitting the age of 50 is probably the perfect time to set yourself a new goal.

Benefit from the Marginal Gains Theory
In road cycling, as in any sport, the margin for error is razor thin. One-hundredth of a second can be the difference between winning and losing.

British cycling coach Dave Brailsford knew this better than anyone. When he was given the task of rebuilding the British cycling team in 2009, he applied a new philosophy to the sport called ‘marginal gains.’ The theory is based on the idea that if you can find tiny little improvements in many different areas, the combined effect can be huge.

Brailsford put his theory into practice and went on to win seven out of the last eight editions of the Tour de France.

How Much Time Does Extra Weight Cost on Alpe d’Huez? Have you ever wondered how much difference it would make if you made your bike lighter? I guess most serious riders once in a while have concerns about their bikes whether they are light enough.

As previously described, bike weight impacts performance, especially during climbing. In this experiment, one rider did the Alpe d’Huez four times with different setups, and he was supposed to keep a pace around 275w on all four rides. The test bike was a Pinarello Prince equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace and SRM crank.

47 Ways To Become a Better Race Rider – We can always find ways to boost our performance, and the minor improvements can make a massive difference to serious riders. If a race is coming up, look at the following skills/tips. Are you applying them all to your training and racing? If not, now is the time for some serious self-analysis.

The Ultimate Guide to Time Trial Training – If you’re serious about getting faster, beating your quickest time over a particular course, and completing the perfect time trial, read this post. Getting every detail right is crucial, especially regarding pacing and aerodynamics, preparation, and technique. So before you saddle up, here is my ‘time trial bible’ to give you a kick-start.

33 Tips for Better Cycling Performance – Here is a list of 33 great ways to boost your cycling performance.

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  1. Hello Jesper, Happy New Year,
    My name is Cosmin, I am a triathlete, I am 55 years old and I am training for the next competition in May. I read about you and I was delighted with what I read, you think about some things the same way as me, I saw that you also trained other elderly people.
    I have a problem with cycling, I haven’t increased FTP above 230w for 2 years, I’m stuck here. I tried all kinds of workouts, Lance Watson, Matt Fitzgerald, the FTP stubbornly stays at 230w. Now I’m doing Hunter Allen’s workout, but I feel incredibly tired from this plan.
    Do you think you can help me with a training plan?


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