Case Studies

Heart Rate and Power data during interval training

Bronze Medal at the World Championships – Age Group 45-49

“I must say that almost all my training was done on the road or on the turbo as I dont live anywhere near a track,so you can imagine my delight when I went to the Worlds and won bronze.”
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Time Effective Cycling Training = Success

“I did a modified version of the vo2 max booster. Over 14 days I did roughly 12 of the intervals (i was doing a lot of teaching at that point in time) and increased my 5 minute power from 377 to 404 watts at 185 pounds.”
“I have improved my Vo2max test result by more than 40 watts in just 2 months with only approx 6 hours weekly traning.”
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The Story Behind the 12-Week Winter Training Program

“Currently I train app. 7hrs per week and feel very competitive even though my training volume has been less than 1/3 of many of my competitors’.”
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The Ultimate VO2 Max Training Session

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