How to Optimize Your Pre-Season Cycling Training

If you add 20% to your current training volume you'll get closer to your best physical shape ever.

The road cycling race season is just about to begin and in some countries they have already started. Today I will show you some highly effective techniques that will help you to perform better from the very first race. One of the most common arguments against interval training during the winter is the risk of [...]

Cycling training during winter: what you should do

November: Serious athletes competing at a top level should start their bike training here. But your training program should NEVER be too optimistic at this time of year. If you compete at a lower level, you can also begin your training, but there is no need to follow a strict regime. Most cyclists don’t have [...]

Marginal Gains (Using Tiny Improvements to Increase Cycling Performance)

Dave Brailsford introduced us to a new way of thinking when he entered the cycling scene with Team Sky and the theory of ‘marginal gains.’ The British cycling coach and manager has won seven out of the last eight editions of Tour de France.

How to win cycling races (with less than 10 hours per week)

Pre-Season Cycling Training Tips

It is no secret that adding more time to your weekly training volume often makes you stronger. Nevertheless, many riders experience the need for spending less time on cycling training for different reasons (for example want to spend more time with family, work or study).

Boost Your Anaerobic Engine With Race-Winning Intervals (3 interval sessions)

Race-Winning Intervals.

Imagine if you were able to make much stronger attacks at the most decisive moments in a cycling race. If you could push 50-100 Watts more and keep it there just a little longer. Could it make a difference? Could it possible increase your chances of winning? No doubt. The good news is that you [...]

Power sprints – Your Secret Weapon to Powerful Attacks

Make your attempts stronger and increase your chances of winning

Have you ever tried to launch an attack in a cycling race or maybe even an attempt to make a race-winning move? If you have, you have probably also experienced the most likely scenario: the other riders closes the gap without struggling, because your attempt lacks power. How can you learn the skill to make [...]

The Magic 2 Hr/Week Cycling Training Program


When you go on vacation it can be difficult – even impossible – to maintain your fitness levels. After all it is a time for relaxing and chilling out with your family and friends, so your cycling training program tends to take a back seat. But lazing on the beach or enjoying a few holiday [...]