The Forgotten Power of Training Volume

The Forgotten Power of Training Volume

I’ve competed in cycling races as an athlete for just one season, which was back in 1998. My best friend and I were almost at the same level and did most of our training together. In the spring, my friend began to add 5 to 10km at the end of each ride to add more [...]

What About Interval Training During Tapering?

Richie Porte, Team Saxobank Sungard.

Recently, I wrote about how you can reduce training volume during up to 4 weeks before a cycling race with high priority (e.g. your season goal). And you can why you can use this tapering to improve performance. Tapering with markedly reduced training volume may sound contraintuitive to people preparing for their first race. However, [...]

Tapering for an Important Cycling Race (training volume)

Tapering for Cycling Race

If you have a major season goal in front of you, a reasonable tapering protocol can supercharge your cycling performance. Even though this is not breaking news, many cyclists don’t benefit (enough) from tapering. In most cases people train hard and have a big training volume until one week before their season goal. After one [...]

Ironman training: The Comprehensive guide to your first Ironman Triathlon

Comprehensive Guide to Your First Ironman

Triathlons are tough. There is no way around it. Whatever distance you want to complete, doing one is a big project from start to finish. Training to have good results in swimming, cycling or running is a big project, but combine all three, and it starts to look overwhelming. This article will try to break [...]

Strength Training – Does It Make You Stronger?

During winter training many cyclists enjoy visiting the local gym and believe that strength training can help them perform better. But does strength training really help them? First of all, strength training is not a magic tool to better performance. However, if you like to switch cycling training with other sports during the winter, weight [...]

Interview with Matt Fitzgerald – Author of ‘Racing Weight – How to Get Lean for Peak Performance’

Interview with Matt Fitzgerald

A few weeks ago I made a review of Matt Fitzgerald’s popular book Racing Weight – How to Get Lean for Peak Performance. I thought it was a great read with many practical examples and illustrations of how athletes can manage their diet to perform better. However, many readers are not going to read the [...]

Top-15 Most Popular Cycling Training Tips

Most Popular Content on

‘Likes’ on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. is the new social currency. In most cases there is something interesting about the most liked content. Therefore, I decided to pick the 15 most popular pages and share them with you. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any action on social media please make [...]