Mountain Bike Training for Beginners

Mountain Bike Training for Beginners

Here is comprehensive post about mountain bike training for beginners. The article is written by Cecilia Potts who is former junior mountain bike world champion and professional cyclist. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading. However, you may need an extra cup midway through this article, it’s quite long… Enjoy! Mountain biking can [...]

Short Update About Lactate, Lactic Acid and Fatigue

What is the role of lactate in road cycling?

From a scientific/pedantic point of view, there are some common myths or misconceptions about lactic acid and lactate among road cyclists. However, from a practical point of view, these facts shouldn’t change your approach to training. Not at all. Anyways, here is short update about lactate and why you shouldn’t care too much. Lactic acid [...]

Power sprints – Your Secret Weapon to Powerful Attacks

Make your attempts stronger and increase your chances of winning

Have you ever tried to launch an attack in a cycling race or maybe even an attempt to make a race-winning move? If you have, you have probably also experienced the most likely scenario: the other riders closes the gap without struggling, because your attempt lacks power. How can you learn the skill to make [...]

The #1 Way to Achieve Better Performance

If you add 20% to your current training volume you'll get closer to your best physical shape ever.

Imagine if there was a secure and legal way to improve your cycling performance within 6 to 8 weeks… Think about it. You can reach a new level if you are ready to take the necessary steps. Are you ready? There is one thing that we all know that can possible improve performance: more training. [...]

Boost Your Anaerobic Engine With Race-Winning Intervals

Race-Winning Intervals.

Imagine if you were able to make much stronger attacks at the most decisive moments in a cycling race. If you could push 50-100 Watts more and keep it there just a little longer. Could it make a difference? Could it possible increase your chances of winning? No doubt. The good news is that you [...]

Maximizing Your Threshold Power

Maximizing Your Threshold Power

Threshold power is the key to a successful cyclist. Climbers, time-trial experts and sprinters all need strong threshold power if they want to win any race. Of course, a highly-trained aerobic system, tactical acumen, VO2 max and sprinting prowess also matter. But if you don’t want to get dropped by the leaders, then having a [...]

VO2 Max: A Winning Formula

VO2 Max: A Winning Formula

VO2 max is widely regarded as the best indicator of cardio-respiratory performance and plays a pivotal role in the success of every endurance athlete. Runners, triathletes, rowers, swimmers and, of course, cyclists should all spend time optimizing their VO2 max (also known as their maximal oxygen consumption), especially if they want to end up standing [...]