12-Week Winter Training Program is Now Available

12-Week Winter Training Program - 2012 edition

Are you ready for the winter season? Just imagine starting next season faster, fitter and stronger than your rivals?

My popular ’12-Week Winter Training Program’ has been through a significant update and is now – finally – available.

You can read more about my new e-book here:

12 Week Winter Training Program

What’s inside? How will you benefit?

  • Tackle the exclusive 12-week winter training program
  • Learn how to pedal 10 hours a week by following the program
  • Understand how to maximize the benefits of spinning classes
  • Learn how to integrate strength training into your winter regime
  • Gain personal e-mail support from myself

The 12-Week Winter Training Program is based on tried-and-tested training principles and is packed with fantastic tips that will help you perform to your maximum potential.

Get your copy now:

12 Week Winter Training Program

3 thoughts on “12-Week Winter Training Program is Now Available”

  1. I got a copy yesterday… I would strongly recommend it. To put it short – it’s a very lot knowledge that is summarized down to only 102 pages. I have not read it all yet but what I’ve read is filled with invaluable knowledge …

  2. This is just perfect timing. I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to get the program out this winter. Well done!

    So far I’ve completed the first exercise test making an average of 256W. 🙂

  3. Legs tired but heart just fine!

    I am 48 years old and ride mostly for fun but I want to progress and be able top ride faster and further. My yearly riding is about 6000k and I ride with my cycling club at the weekends and train by myself during the week. I don”™t train with weights just cycling and Foundation training for my back and posterior chain.

    I started with your 12-week Wintertraning program and made great progress. I increased my Polar Ownindex from 42 to 45 in just three weeks. But week four was tough and during the Sunday the two hour ride my legs couldn’t get the pulse up to the prescribed zone.

    The Tuesday ride week five was VERY tough and although my morning pulse was great (46) I couldn’t get the pulse up. I decided to back of and rest. I think that my legs weren”™t ready for the intensity of this training.

    After a week of rest with just very easy walks and “rides” I started the program from week one all over again. So far the program has worked fine I have reached week three again.

    Now to my question: I often find that my recovery of the heart and lungs are much better than my legs. How do you think that I could improve my leg recovery and get a better balance to my training.

    Thanks for a great program and site.

    Mats Carlsson Sweden.

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