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10 Common Sprinting Mistakes

I published an article about winning a bunch sprint a long time ago. I told you to pick your parents carefully, be patient, get in position and finally be strong.

Winning a mass sprint in a cycling race is not only about big muscles and genes. Some simple steps will help you get more successful when cycling races end up with a mass sprint.

Three magic words will bring you better results in mass sprints: position, position, and position.

Here are common mistakes that riders make in a sprint finish. Being aware of these ten common mistakes can reduce the risk of blowing up your chances in a mass sprint:

1. Shifting into the 53-11T (or some gear far too big) right away
2. Starting your sprint far too early
3. Being too far back in the pack when the sprint starts
4. Being at the very front of the pack too far before the finish line
5. Coming underneath on the final corner
6. Boxing yourself in
7. Dropping the wheel
8. Staying behind a rider who doesn’t try to win the sprint.
9. Spending too much energy before the final sprint
10. Not being aware of wind conditions

Do you have more tips that should be included in this list with common sprint mistakes?

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