12 Cycling Blogs to Watch in 2012

Here is a list of 12 blogs that I expect are worth visiting in 2012. Some of them are beautiful, some are pretty scientific, and some are just about cycling in some way. I hope you will enjoy all these links and stay tuned for more updates on Training4cyclists.com.

1. Bicycle Tutor A fantastic resource about repairing bicycles.

2. Chris Aarons Training tips were collected from all over the world.

3. Daniel Carruthers Lots of pictures and good content about cycling. It’s a pretty new website, but keep an eye on this one.

4. Wade Wallace cool bike pictures and cycling tips.

5. Joe Friel Legendary Joe Friel has his own blog with training tips.

6. Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas Comprehensive analysis of physiological aspects of endurance events etc.

7. Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan The blog behind the popular book Training and Racing with a Power Meter.

8. Alex Simmons Insightful analysis of cycling training.

9. Marco Cardinale is Another sports scientist that is worth following.

10. Jim Vance A tri-coach…

11. Brian Dewberry Follow his continued weight loss project in 2012.

12. The Sufferfest Downloadable cycling workout videos.

2 thoughts on “12 Cycling Blogs to Watch in 2012”

  1. Great list! I can vouch for it because I’ve been following about 6 of those sites. Just found a couple more to follow from now on.

    A warning though – you might not have time to ride if you get too involved in all these sites! Especially Sports Scientists; you could study that site all day long.

  2. Jesper, thanks for the mention. I agree with Levi in that it’s a great list and I also found some new sites to check out.

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