Review: Continental Grand Prix Supersonic

Continental Grand Prix Supersonic

Continental Grand Prix Supersonics are incredibly lightweight tires that might be interesting to use at time trials or criteriums. Supersonic 23mm tires weigh only 155g, and that is so low that I thought it was worth taking a closer look at them. Light tires lower the overall weight and improve cornering significantly (softer materials means better grip).

Why you should buy Continental GP Supersonic

The performance is absolutely world-class. These tires are extremely fun to ride. When you corner with Supersonics, you will feel an incredible good grip. That is the best thing about the Supersonics and what surprised me most. If you look at a formula 1 race, you will see the same picture. Soft tires give the F1 pilots the best possible grip, but these tires have to be changed one or two times during the race.

Lightweight components are always attractive. I have previously shown what additional weight can do on your finishing time during climbing. It’s great to know that you use lightweight components, but it’s impossible to feel a weight saving of 120g. Still, you might very well make a significant difference in your performance.

Why you shouldn’t use Continental GP Supersonic all the time

Extreme optimizing weight and rolling resistance mean a higher risk of punctures and a shorter lifetime of tires. That is absolutely a serious reason to give it an extra thought before you mount Continental GP Supersonics. I think the Supersonics can be ridden for app. 5-700km depending on road conditions and your body weight.

Continental GP Supersonic is the perfect lightweight choice for time trials and criteriums. Use them at special events and accept the higher risk of puncture. It is pretty challenging to find these tires, but there is now a newer version for time trials available with almost the same advantages as mentioned above. You can purchase fast tires from Continental GP here.

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  1. Supersonics are great. Never tried anything better. Don’t under estimate the value of having the best tires in a time trial.

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