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Getting better at the final moments

Paul Skiba performed some impressive results in Week 1 of the Power Meter Project 2007. He has used his SRM crank system for a couple of years before entering this project. Here are the results of the critical power tests:
Critical Power Tests – Week 1 (Paul Skiba)

Critical Power Tests5sec1min5min20minBody Weight
Week 1 (Watt)791W467W333.1W290.5W71.2kg/157lbs
Week 1 (Watt/kg)11.1W/kg6.6W/kg4.7W/kg4.1W/kg(tests are done indoor)

So what is the plan?
Paul is an ex-professional and very strong for his age. I want to increase Paul’s fitness across the whole power range. When he gets closer to the end of the project, he will start to work more intensively on anaerobic intervals.

A suitable interval type for training to improve his ability to separate him from the pack is the 40/20sec intervals. These intervals are supposed to be done at his 5min critical power, but he will likely be able to push a little harder here. These intervals are primarily made for VO2max, but they will also add to his anaerobic endurance (1min critical power).

Sprint training is also a part of the training program, but that is not because of his weak sprint test. The test was performed indoors, and I will not be surprised if he performs significantly better outdoors.

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