How to Increase Threshold Power

Here is a new video describing some of the principles I recommend for threshold power training.

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For aspiring cyclists, the success or failure of their event performance comes down to one essential ability: threshold power. Being able to generate high Watts at your anaerobic and aerobic thresholds is paramount for sprinters, climbers, time trialists – as well any other rider hoping to win a race.

If you want to get the most out of every cycling competition, then understanding and harnessing threshold power is a must. When it comes to peak performance, producing high watts at your anaerobic and aerobic thresholds plays a major role in determining success or failure.

Tactics and technical skills are certainly important factors in winning competitions, but having impressive threshold power makes it all that much more likely you’ll reach the finish line first! While there may be many terms used when discussing this concept such as functional/critical threshold power, AT (anaerobic threshhold), lactate treshold etc., they all boil down to producing maximum sustainable efforts over longer periods.

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2 thoughts on “How to Increase Threshold Power”

  1. Håkan Johnsson

    Hello, I will try to take this in English, not sure if you can read my swedish..
    I am 55 years and done 23 Ironman, started ridig bike at 32 years.
    Pretty quick after two years with structural training i was fast, did 180km at 5hours with no bigger training.
    After a knee injury i had some motivation problem and did some Ironman with less training, still pretty strong at bike with “distance” training mostly.
    But now i want to test Time Trial, at 12mont from now there is a Time Trial i want to do.
    I can ride about 270-280w in 45-60min today, UCI legal position, and the best on the podium at this competition have approx 300-325w at 40min.
    Do you in your 12 weeks program have longer build plans and advice how i can increas my power 20-30w to next year?
    I am extremly motivated, will do an Ironman i Sweden in August, but done 3st 100km rides with lots of smal hard intervals, a mix with endurance and tt training.
    But need to follow a program to become better TT rider, will decrease the Ironman training if needed.
    What is your advice and can your help me with a longer strategy to have higer power and ride for podium?

  2. Hi Håkan

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your cycling journey and goals. It’s wonderful to hear about your experience and your motivation to compete in the Time Trial. Given your strong endurance sports background and dedication, I am confident you can improve your TT performance.

    First, I would like to address your power output. Improving your functional threshold power (FTP) by 20-30w is an ambitious but not unrealistic goal, especially with the right training plan and focus over the next year. It seems like you already have a strong endurance base, and adding structured power-based workouts to your training plan could be beneficial. This could include interval training, long-distance rides, and specific FTP workouts.

    Regarding your position on the bike, you mentioned that you have a UCI legal position. That’s a great start. If you haven’t done so already, consider getting a professional bike fit. This can not only improve your power output and aerodynamics but also your comfort and efficiency, especially during long TT rides. Don’t waste time comparing Watts with other riders. Instead, get the most value for the power output you have. Aerodynamics can make huge gains on your speed.

    Since you’re also planning to participate in an Ironman in August, it would be important to balance your TT training with your Ironman training. While TT training can improve your power and speed, your Ironman training will provide you with a strong endurance base which is also important.

    In terms of a training plan, our 12-week program is just the beginning. Finishing that program is a good start and will make significant gains for most riders. It is clear that you’ll have to adjust it to your current fitness and ambitions.

    To ensure that we address all aspects of your performance, it would be beneficial to also focus on other elements such as nutrition, rest and recovery, mental training, and equipment optimization. If you haven’t already seen it, there is an article on TT training here:

    Best of luck with your training and upcoming competitions. Your dedication and enthusiasm are inspiring. I am confident that with the right strategy and consistent effort, you will be able to achieve your goals.

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