Increase your threshold power: Join Power Meter Project 2008!

Back in January 2007 I did a Power Meter Project to find out how people I didn´t know personally responded to some of my training theories. They performed a 12 week training program with power profile tests in week 1, 6 and 12. The results were really impressive with progress in all major physiological parameters.

Now I’m looking for riders who want to be a part of my project:

Increase your threshold power in 31 days


• Age: 18 years or older
• Own a power meter (SRM, PowerTap, Ergomo or Polar CS600)
• Training amount: 10-14hrs per week.
• Follow the training plan strictly

What do you get?
You get a free 31 days training program that will increase your threshold power. There will be self performed physical tests on day 1 and 31. Training amount will be 10 to 14hrs per week. The training program will be personalized to your current physical fitness based on self performed tests.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please leave a comment on this post. I will contact you via email with more info.

Last chance to participate is July 7th.

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  • Gaby Link

    I have only come upon the website today. Is it still possible to participate?

  • Vitaly Link

    I found this website today. Is it possible to paricipate?

  • Scott Link

    Would like to participate in your project.
    Have been training with a power meter for 3 years but only downloading info for 3 months.
    Am Currently a Masters Cat 2 in California.
    Thanks, Scott

  • Rodrigo Diaz Link

    Aargh! Missed the deadline – Cat 4 racer, good sprinter (Max. 1500+ W @ 5 s, 73 kg) – now very interested in raising my VO2 max/TH power since it’s a definite weakness as shown in my last races.



  • MSP DTX Link

    Any possible way to still participate?


  • Joel Toms Link

    Just found this site and would love to participate. Just purchased a Quarq CinQo with Garmin 705, am new to power training. Cat 4 racer, in third season of racing. Had a full-time heart rate based coach last season, can’t wait to learn about power training.


  • Allie Link

    I just found this site. I also just purchased a Power Tap July 24. I am not racing yet, but would like to start as a Cat 5 next year. Can you help me to get started?

    Thank you,


  • Alan Bullock Link

    I know it is past the date but I would still like to participate if possible.
    I am a keen TT’ist and would like to increase my threshold power (the holy grail).

  • David Ribbens Link

    I know I am best the deadline as well, but I would still like to try the program please. I am not sure if you are allowing this, but please let me know. Thank you.

  • Paul Link

    I know I am also behind the power curve but I have been cycling for a year now and just purchased a power tap and am looking for some guidance to signifigantly increase my performance. Would greatly appreciate your tutelage. Thank you, Paul

  • Dag Link

    Hi, I just found your site. I would like to take part of the program if is possible.


  • JoAnn Link

    I just got a power meter! Is it too late? It is very hard to find training plans using power.


  • Les Link

    I’ve got powermeters and a years worth to data but have had no increase in my http://FTP... I want to time trial better and have tried very hard to improve and have not succeeded. At least with all of my data I have a substantial baseline for comparison.

    any help would be appreciated.

  • Sheila Link

    I am looking to improve my threshold over the winter months. I would like to view your program. Thanks

  • Jason Link

    Is it too late? Would like to participate

  • Thor Link

    Would love to experiment with my training. I am a adventure relay cyclist, formerly Semi-Pro downhiller, (the category has been removed) Cat. 3 lead out man (my brother is my Cat 3 Dominant Sprinter), and shop Mechanic as well as college student. I am 32, 6’5″ and BMI of 23-24. This may be suplimentary to my current training, or it might be a replacement, whatever you suggest, as long as your program allows me to burn the nesc. callories to maintain what I feel is my pre-training season fitness. I would love to see where this goes.

  • Quang Link

    I just stumble on this post now and wonder if you have future test/training available soon? I do have powertap and love to keep all my training in detail. Thanks!

  • Michael Link

    I do have a Power Tap and is very interested in your Power Meter Project. Please?

  • Sebastian O Link

    Hi, I’m a Expert mountain Biker, that trains 90% in the road with powertap in FL, very interested in your program..

  • Karl Link

    Hi, I’d like to try the program using a Kurt Kinetic Power Meter on one of their wind trainers. I am 40, have done a number of Olympic Distance triathlons and am getting back into training again. I’d be interested to know whether this can be done on a wind trainer over a three month Winter period. Thanks

  • Stephen Kelly Link


    I would like to participate in your progrmmae.

    I am 34, Type 1 diabetic since early childhood. Up until 3 years ago I was Cat 3 racer. Also swam competitively as a teen.

    Have done nothing for the last 3 years.

    Best regards,


  • Matt Kolling Link

    I would like to participate in your program.
    I am 41 years old and have been cycling for sometime.
    I am currently on cholesterol medication and 80 mg of Sotalol for my heart. however my body fat is at 6% and am in good physical condition. Because im on Sotalol my resting heart rate is very low (46) and at max effort my heart rate is only at about 165 bpm. I ride about 100-250 miles a week currently. I have a lot of hills where I ride so I tend to be climbing a lot.
    Best regards,

  • Chris Harvey Link

    I’m keen to give it a shot – is it still a happening thing? I ride track and rode. Have an SRM pro and have lactate profile & power data from recent testing.

  • miki Link

    Would love to take part in your project.

  • Mike Link

    Jesper – definitely interested in participating.