Interview with Gonzalo Vilaseca about the Power Meter Project

I made a short interview with Gonzalo about his impressive results in the Power Meter Project: 

Your 5min maximum power went from 357Watts in week 1 to 416Watts in week 12. What impact has this increment had on your performance?

Gonzalo: “No, because I haven’t done any short races since then. My wife had a baby and I couldn’t race for some weeks, since then there have been no more races, I hope the second part of the racing season starts soon.”

How will you describe your progress through the project?

Gonzalo: “My short time power increased dramatically, my recovery from short efforts also improved, which was what I was looking after: changing from endurance races to ‘criterium’ style races.”

What is your opinion on power meter training now?

Gonzalo: “More or less the same as before, but some things have changed: I don’t focus that much on the powermeter when riding endurance sessions, and I listen more to my body, if I feel Im reaching a physical and mental limit, I rest for a week. But all in all I believe power training is THE method to use.”

Have you adapted some of the ideas from the power meter project into your daily training?

Gonzalo: “Not now, but I will. Now Im riding endurance races, but in two weeks I switch again to short races and I will follow some ideas of workouts I did during the project.”

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