More LSD training and short intervals than previous years

While I am waiting to receive the results from the maximum power tests, I have done some interviews with the participants in the Power Meter Project. Gonzalo Vilaseca did the 5seconds and 1minute critical power test yesterday.

Here is my interview with Gonzalo after four full weeks of wattage controlled training.

Yesterday you have completed your critical power test for sprint power and anaerobic endurance after 4 weeks of training in the Power Meter Project. What is your reaction to your performance in these tests?
Gonzalo: “Overall, I expected some improvement in every critical power duration because I had been a few months without training before the power meter project. My guess was that the largest improvement would be seen in 1 and 5 min test, moderate improvement in 20 min test, and little improvement in 5 sec sprint.

As I said, after looking at what I have exercised in my training I expected little improvement in the 5 sec power but a good improvement in 1 min power, and it has been as expected, I’ve improved my 5 sec sprint by 3,8%, but my 1 min power has increased an 8,4%, which is more than I expected. I didn’t expect an increase of 47 w in such a short period of time.”

In what way have your training been different during the Power Meter Project?
Gonzalo: “Compared to this period in past years, during the project I have performed short intervals and LSD days (long steady distance) have been longer.

On previous years I did endurance rides with some moderate intensity (Zone 3) work, but no intervals of any sort. During the project I have performed short intervals twice weekly, and that is far more stimulating than just endurance riding.”

Before we know the results from your vo2max and threshold tests: What are your conclusions so far?
Gonzalo: “My conclusions so far are that I have regained fitness faster than expected, but this should be confirmed with the 5 and 20 min test.

I’m not surprised about my test results as I know Im not at my peak (and I don’t want to be now) and I need more training, but Im really surprised at how good I have assimilated the training load and how that has translated in fast improvement.”

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  1. Thanks!
    Now lets see how this translates to races. I have my first ciclomaster race ever this sunday and Im a bit nervous!

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