Survey: 2010

At the moment, I receive lots of emails from people worldwide. It’s great to read emails from riders at levels ranging from true beginners to Olympic cyclists. Last week I got a couple of exciting ideas for upcoming posts, e.g. how to become a better climber and benefit from training camps. I will try to […]

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Happy New Year 2010!

2009 was a fantastic year for me: April 30th, Anna and I had our second child, a boy named Vitus. Then, on August 15th, we got married. These two extraordinary events will probably be among the most significant events in my entire life. Nothing can be compared to these lovely memories. What happened in 2009

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Write the best beginner cycling tips and win $25!

There is currently a competition going on at You can win $25 to your Paypal account by entering your best beginner cycling tips here. If you don’t want to win these money, you can still get some really useful tips from the participants. So far there are 5 entries to this little competition and I guess there are more to come. The winner will be chosen on June 5th.

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Would you like to be Guest Blogger on

My girlfriend is going to give birth to our first child in a couple of days. That is probably the biggest event in our lives so far and we are really excited about it. Really excited!

Power Meter Tips will be updated
I have been writing a couple of extra posts these days, because I know that there will be some days where my eyes are going to focus on our little baby. Who cares about blogging or computers when they get parent for the first time? Well, I probably don’t, but I guess there will be some visitors for my blog anyway, so I have scheduled a couple of posts for the next 14 days. There will be updates a couple of times each week.

It is uncertain how much time I will spend on answering emails and comments rest of July. I guess you understand my priorities.

Guest Bloggers are welcome
If there are any cycling coaches or riders out there that would like to help me in this situation I will appreciate all kinds of guest posts related to the following topics:

  • Cycling Training
  • Power Meters
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Reviews

The post will include a short presentation of you and a link to your personal blog.

You can read more about contributing here.

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Offpiste skiing in Chamonix

I’ll leave Denmark and the internet for the next week since I’m going to Chamonix in France with my girlfriend Anna and her family. We are going to stay at a lovely little place called Bellevue which is small hotel owned by Anna’s uncle and two other people. Majority of the visitors like extreme sports like offpiste skiing, ice climbing and stuff like that. One of the partners at Bellevue, Asmus Norreslet, has made the summit of Mt. Everest twice, so definitively an interesting place to visit.

So for the next week I will not be answering mails or posting news about training. I have scheduled a couple of posts for next week, so there will be some activity on

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