Power Meter Project 2007 – Dave Simonson

Today I will present a triathlete, Dave Simonson, who has finished three iron man competitions. He is currently training 5-6hrs pr week on an indoor trainer with a calibrated power tap rear flywheel.

Name: Dave Simonson

Power meter
: Cycleops Pro

How would you describe yourself as a cyclist?
I am a three-time iron man triathlon finisher, and my strength is long slow distance. My weakness is power over a long distance. I typically do much worse during the 2nd half of the bike leg of a triathlon.

What are your previous experiences with power meter training?
I have recently purchased a power meter, so my experience is minimal. I have recently started using a Cycleops Pro 300PT.

What is your main goal with the Power Meter Project 2007?
I would like to increase my power to an average of 200 watts during a 112-mile distance. I also would like my power during the second half of a 112 triathlon bike leg to equal the first half.

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