Power Meter Project 2007 – Paul Skiba

The first rider I will introduce you to is Paul Skiba, who raced as a professional in the early ’90s. His current training amount pr week is 12-15hrs, less in recovery weeks.

Name: Paul Skiba
Age: 47
Power meter: SRM Dura-Ace

How would you describe yourself as a cyclist?
I’ve been a cyclist and a fan of cycling for the last 23 years. I took up cycling in the mid-’80s when I found myself stationed in Naples, Italy, where I worked for NATO. I rode primarily on the road during this time. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, I took up mountain bike racing. I lived in Boulder, CO, and raced for a team that was headquartered in Chico, CA. I rode as an expert on the Grundig World Cup for two seasons. After a near-fatal accident, I returned to the road as a recreational rider. During the last few years, I have returned to the road race scene as a master racer.

My strength as a cyclist is my ability to hang with the fastest racers in the pack. My weakness is my inability to separate myself from the fastest racers. My endurance is good. My climbing is good. My sprint is good. None of the above are great.

What are your previous experiences with power meter training?
I started training with a power meter 2 years ago. During these two years, I worked with two coaches from Carmichael Training Systems. I also utilized the lab in Colorado Springs for lactate threshold testing and V02 max testing. I feel that by utilizing all of these resources, I was able to train at the correct intensity, which made the most of my time in the saddle (10-15 hrs/wk).

What is your main goal with the Power Meter Project 2007?
My main goal with this project is to further develop the base necessary for this coming season and to sharpen my anaerobic toolset for the beginning of the racing season, which will coincide with the end of the project. I also hope to better understand how I might be able to further develop my strengths and bolster my weaknesses following the project. Lastly, I hope to convince Jesper to take me on as a client and to coach me year round!

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