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SRM Live from Tour de France 2009

Tour de France 2009 begins tomorrow, and this year we get an even better chance to follow the strongest cyclists in the world. Several riders share their data from the SRM Cranks Systems (power, heart rate, cadence, speed) and GPS position.
SRM data are transmitted directly to watch them live along with the television transmission.

Here are some of the things to look for:

Power Output and Tactics
How much power a rider needs to provide in the lead, in the middle of the bunch or a breakaway. If you are lucky, you might notice differences between riders’ efforts in the same breakaway.

Aerodynamics and Pacing in Time Trials
Notice how constant workload the bet riders deliver in time trials. Also, you might be able to notice differences in aerodynamics. In this year’s Tour de France, you also have the chance to watch power meter data from team time trials. Who push the highest watts on Team Saxo Bank?

Absolute or Relative Power Output
This is also commonly referred to as watts or watts per kilogram. Who generate the most watts in the flat terrain? Who gets first up the hills/mountains? Probably not the same riders, so take a closer look at their watts per kilogram when comparing power output in the mountains.

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