VO2 Max Booster Program – VO2 Max Intervals As Active Recovery

When it comes to solid training principles it ends up with 3 words: Training, recovery and nutrition. In the first 4 days of the VO2 Max Booster Program we have spend all our focus on some different training principles than you probably are used to.

Since training is the most essential part in our rush for a higher VO2 max, we haven’t spend much time on recovery and nutrition. Nevertheless, I will bring a few lines on recovery that might sound a bit different from standard recommendations:

VO2 Max Intervals on Recovery Days
Train on recovery days and interval training on recovery days. The latter is very likely the most promosing. VO2 max intervals on rest days. Did I really say that? Yes, in this strongly accelerated VO2 Max Booster Program you will have to train high aerobic intervals on every single day. Recovery days are no exception!

Why? Yesterday I wrote that if you train more frequent, ride with a higher intensity (more races, more intervals) or simply just ride more, you will force your body to adapt to these challenges. That is also equal to a longer recovery period after each training session. So if we want a shorter recovery period after each training, we will have to reduce intensity and duration.

Normally people eliminate all intervals on their rest days, but is that really necessary? What if you instead reduced the duration to a minimum and kept a small amount of intervals would that be possible? Yes that is absolutely possible and you’ve got a great chance to test it out. A short amount of VO2 max intervals will keep your aerobic and anaerobic enzymes at a high level while the reduced training volume ensures you get enough recovery.

Get a new training program for free if this doesn’t work
I know this VO2 Max Booster Program might sound controversy in your ears, but give it a chance and experience what these changes can do to your VO2 max in only 14 days. If you perform the training program as scheduled then I promise you will achieve improvements in your VO2 max. If not then send me your power meter files and I will deliver a new training program for you for free.

Day 5
Total time: 30min training
10min incremental warm up
20x(15+15sec) 100% / 50% VO2 max test result
10min easy rolling

Next step: Day 6 – Time Effective VO2 Max Intervals (Did you miss Day 4?)

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