What is your highest maximum heart rate ever?


The most commented post here on Training4cyclists.com so far was my question: What is your lowest heart rate ever? Maximum heart rate is often calculated as 220 minus your age, but there is a standard deviation on about 10 which means that 95% of us would fit into a formula called: 220 minus age +/- 20 beats. Thus, as you’ve already experienced, this formula does not have any practical usability for a serious endurance athlete.

But back to the topic, what is your highest maximum heart rate ever?

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  • I did a maximal stress test 3 years ago – at age 62 – & reached 214bpm with no ill effects. This was to clear me for scuba diving. I now cycle regularly – 100+ miles each week – with arrythmia & can’t average over 16mph though I raced regularly until I was 21 then stopped for 42 years! Methinks I’ve left it too long as I’m dropped on the hills by an 84 year old, though he did ride 3 tours of britain.

  • Joe Link

    I am an 17 year old rower, (6′ 4″ 160lbs) and the highest heart rate I have recorded was 252 beats per minute.
    Right after a pulling 6:50 on a 2000m test on an erg, I somehow managed to take my heart rate, counting 42 beats in 10 seconds.
    I have a resting heart rate of 60ish, and I do not have any heart condition as of my last EKG.
    I suggest everyone reads up on the whole 220-age MHR thing, because in reality, it is a horrible judge of one’s heart rate. The formula was created in the ’70s, and it relied on a very poor sample group (a large portion were smokers in their 50s who were not accustomed to physical exertion).
    My heart rate can get up to 252 without any ill effects, so don’t be afraid to push yourself harder next workout.

  • J. Klumpp Link

    I am a 17 year old runner (5’10” and 148 lbs) and the highest heart rate I have hit on a test was 240 at an intensity level that I would consider submaximal. My typical easy runs that are 60-65% of max HR are between 150-160 bpm. I also do not have any heart conditions as of my last EKG and my resting heart rate is between 34 and 36. I must have a very low stroke volume. So if I can hit 230-240 bpm during a biweekly hard workout the “220-age” method clearly has little merit. Lowest ever: 32 highest ever: 240

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  • doug Link

    Ive had a heart rate over 280bpm. And I was sitting still. That’s over 4 beats per second. I had SVT.

  • Brittany Link

    My highest heart rate was at age 12. 254 bpm. I was diagnosed with SVT. I had a procedure to remove the extra nerve path from my heart and haven’t had rapid heart rate since….. just irregular beats.

  • Brad Connors Link

    I have had what I think is Wolf Parkinson White Syndrom since I was 14. Well after 32 years at the age of 46 I finally was close enough to a hospital when my 3-5 times a year episode happenned. It lasted aproxiamately 20 minutes and I was hooked up and monetored at 242bpm. Staying calm and taking deep relaxing breaths made it go back to my normal (approx 72bpm) What a relief to finally prove it. Ive heard hospital staff say I was starving for attention lol. Glad ta prove that ignoranus wrong. Whats the Guiness record for highest BPM?

  • Emma Link

    I’m thirteen, 5’9″, 125lbs, in great shape, and while playing hockey, I managed to get my heart rate up to 229. Not exactly sure if I should be worried, but this website is making me feel a lot better.

  • Diamond4852 Link

    My highest heat rate was 143BPM when I was ill about 2 weeks ago, and I was resting. So your heart rate does go up when you are ill. Please reply to this comment what your highest resting heart rate was.

    Diamond Ender Pearl

  • Corbin Link

    I am 31/male/cyclist. I’ve hit 199. Going out to start HR training after 3800 miles in the saddle (9 months) I am going to establish it via test to make my zones. I want to hit 215.

  • Alex Link

    my highest heart rate is 206 bpm and I’m 13

  • Jayden Link

    My highest recorded at the end of a mountain bike race with a very hard sprint finish was 197 I’m 16, 127lbs and have been training for 6 years. My resting hr is 48

  • Hunter Gormley Link

    I’m 14, I play competitive tournaments for tennis weekly and train twice a day for hours. Mine goes from 50 – 214 regularly.

  • I am 75 years old, and my maximum hear rate seems to be at about 190, and I regularly exercise on an elliptical for an hour at a time with an average heat rate of somewhere around 165-170 (starting out at about 150, and ending up somewhere around 185 or so.)

  • Geoff Link

    I’m 39 (nearly 40) and regularly hit 230 pulse, I can maintain this for the last 2 mins of a hard 30 min session on the bike or rower, I’m at 190-210 pulse for the last 20 mins of this 30 min session.

    When I was at school I used to be a pretty serious competitive swimmer (national qualifying time standard) and every session would be recording max pulses of 240-250, most of the other serious guys of similar age were hitting similar pulse rates at the time too.

  • Livvy Link

    Mine reached 221 just taking a few steps. I was diagnosed with SVT.

  • baraa zaki Link

    I’m 15 years old and I cycle 100km daily, yesterday I reached a maximum heart rate of 218 and an average of 195. I was able to maintain Hr 218 for 30 minutes while going uphill.
    Is this bad for my health?

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