What Is Your Highest Power Output Ever?

The post about who had the lowest resting heart rate was well visited. Thus, I thought it might be interesting to hear who has performed the highest power output ever? One of the interesting conclusions from the empiric study about resting heart rates indicates that genes often play a bigger than training level it self. That is greatly illustrated by Sue who counted her husband heart rate to as low as 31 beats per minute.

Power Output and Sprint Performance
Having a high maximum power output is important in sprints and accelerations. Like I have described in ‘How to win a bunch sprint’ it is not only a question about putting lots of watts in the pedals. Also it is important to consider how much impact your body weight has on your sprint performance. I have discussed the topic in a post about maximum power outputs and body weight.

Are there any 1500+ or even 2000+ Watts riders reading this? Well, show me your best power output ever!

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  • Julian Link

    1220Watts – probably not going to win this competition… 🙂

  • Todd Link

    1,492 watts…then I got injured a few weeks later before I tested it again. I’ve been off the bike for the past 3 months so it will be a while before I get my power back up there.

  • I’ve seen 1230 is the highest I’ve seen this season. It was on July 15 at about the peak of my fitness for the season.

  • Todd Link

    Just for fun last week I decided to give my sprint another go. First time since the injury.

    Surprised myself and threw down some watts. 1,512!!! Peak 5 second was 1,380. Now if I can get my 5 second peak to over 1,500.

  • patrick Link

    1718 Watts.

    However, I’m not the greatest climber!

  • The best for 5 second average was 1170 watts, peak at 1310. I only weigh-in at 135 so I can accelerate like mad but unfortunately don’t have the top end, I get crushed by the pros. Oh well, next life.

  • brian Link

    1729 so far,..just got my powertap and am excited about the data!

    Peak 5s (1729 watts):
    Duration: 0:05
    Work: 9 kJ
    TSS: n/a
    Norm Power: n/a
    VI: n/a
    Pw:HR: -0.07%
    Pa:HR: -4.82%
    Distance: 259 ft
    Min Max Avg
    Power: 1678 1746 1729 watts
    Heart Rate: 156 161 158 bpm
    Cadence: 126 133 130 rpm
    Speed: 30.5 35 33.9 mph
    Pace 1:43 1:58 1:46 min/mi
    Hub Torque: 330 363 338 lb-in
    Crank Torque: 1109 1171 1128 lb-in

  • Brian -> Great performance, good luck with your new powertap. It is not unlikely that you reach 1800w this spring.

  • Alan Link

    I am looking for a cycling computer. Any recommendations?

  • Josiah Link

    I haven’t actually attempted max yet because I was off the bike for almost a year while only throwing in random workouts adding up to maybe 20 hours over that period of time.

    Recently purchased a powertap to start a serious training program yet I’ve decided I don’t want to push myself with max stuff the first month or so of structured training. Before I pushed myself way to hard and was plagued by pulled tendons due to overtraining. This time I’m going to be smart about it.

    So the first week or two I got the power tap I did some minor sprints of around 80% of what I felt I could do in terms of RPE and hit 1100 watts.

    Does anyone know how much power for sprints can be increased with training on bike coupled with weights? I’m aware of the increased that can be made for stuff like TTing and endurance but haven’t read much about sprinting so I thought maybe people would know based on their own experiences.

  • ian Link

    I did 1920 watts at 84 kg in a test in a bio mech lab (10 sec) my peak power was reached at 2.5 sec. Apparently my tech was terrible and i’m loosing a hundred or so due to that. ! I do a lot of full squats, low reps and lots of sets with minimal recovery (1.5min) and explosive. So an example of this is 8sets x 3rm with a 1.5min recovery at a weight of around 85% of your max.

    If you train fast e.g controlled eccentric and fast concentric this is what smashes the quick twitch (in a good way). Later in season you can avoid the full squats and do some half squats with the same explosiveness as mentioned earlier. The reason for this is just to limit the DOMS effect (which you don’t want in comp!). I am much better at applying forces off the saddle (like most) than sitting down and this is from the squats due to the Glute activation so doing leg presses to load the quads is very important for time trialling and track cycling. Follow the same principles for leg press as mentioned in squats. Controlled means at least 2 secs in the eccentric phase of the lift. Hope that helps! Only train legs max twice per week too!

  • john Link

    i did 2030w turns out was maxing the machine out. so cant test again till we find one that goes higher or get SRMs.

  • Phil Link

    Pushing 1100 watts over a 8 second average on my favourite sprint. Feel pretty dead afterwards!

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