When Should You Start The Winter Season?


For some riders, serious cycling training starts on January 1st. For others, it starts on December 1st or earlier. I personally believe riders with ambitions of riding at top level (not necessarily pro level) should begin their winter training in November, but I also know that some riders prefer to not put too much pressure on their shoulders too early.

What is the right time to begin structured winter training?

There are moments when you feel extraordinary comfortable and confident. In these moments you are capable of doing everything. And entering a new training program seems like a piece of cake.

For most serious riders with ambitions for elite level riding, I suggest November 1st as a deadline for structured winter training.

If you begin later than primo November, it’s still possible to reach great performance.

There is absolutely no magic about November 1st – in my opinion there is a little more magic about November 8th because it’s my birthday.

However, my point is that it takes time to build performance, so your ambitions for early spring races should reflect what time your serious winter training begins.

Some winters it seems easier to begin structured training. Some winters your motivation is low and spring and summer riding are out of sight. So what can you do to get your winter training started in time, so you perform well in the spring races?

How to stay motivated throughout winter

Set a goal. Nothing is more motivating than having a goal with your training. The mere act of setting a goal will make you perform better. If you were Alberto Contador, you would probably use memories from previous successful editions of Tour de France to motivate you.

(Yeah, it would be easy to stay motivated if you just knew you were supposed to ride on the big scene in Tour de France 2015… )

Most of us understand the motivation for Contador to train throughout the winter. Though, most riders don’t have big goals like that. We have different, but ordinary goals that many people have no interest in and never heard of. But that should not be a problem.

As long as it keeps you motivated and entertained there is nothing wrong with training towards an amateur race, weight loss or what so ever.

So the essential advice is to find a goal that motivates YOU. And make it as specific as possible. ‘Lose 4kg fat mass’ is a better goal than ‘lose some weight’. Make a strong ‘Finish sub-8hours in La Marmotte’ is a better goal than ‘Ride in the Alps next summer’.

So if you have already booked a vacation to participate in La Marmotte this could be ta perfect season goal for you (and your personal bonus for hard winter training). And don’t forget to make it as specific as possible. Also, it’s important that your goal is achievable and of course something that really motivates you.

When the tough periods arrive, your overall goal should help you to stay motivated and maintain focus. Also, if you are proactive and take responsibility for your own training and progress, weather events shouldn’t surprise you. It’s a part of the game and most of your competitors experience the same conditions.

Year 2015 could be your best cycling season ever. It’s not too late and if you really try your best to optimize training, nutrition and recovery, there is good chance you’ll be flying in the new season.

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  • Barry Gaunt Link

    8.11.2014: Happy Birthday from Zurich,Switzerland!

  • Kristjan Link


    First of all, I have to say, that this is the best
    internet page with cycling tips about training.
    And I am really enthusiastic about how you manage
    to explain why is some thing better then other,
    or how things work in practice.

    For next year I decide to completely change my traning program,
    becasue I did not get resaults I was hoping for. The power
    was just not there. So I decided to try something else.

    I just read yours 12 week winter training program,
    and decide to try it. But I have difficulty with some expressions
    about how hard you have to push it, so I decided to ask you,
    if It is possible to transform expressions like high intesity
    or slihtly higer intesity into hart rate zones?



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