Great start for the Power Meter Project

Four riders have completed the first six weeks of wattage controlled cycling training. In week 1, they performed four critical power tests to evaluate their sprint power, anaerobic endurance, VO2 max and threshold power.

After the initial testing week, they have performed four weeks of wattage controlled training based on their test results and personal goals. Then, in week 6, they performed another test week with four new critical power tests under the same conditions as the first.

The four riders have achieved excellent results, as you can see in the graphs below. I will comment on their critical power tests and talk about their future training programs based on these test results later this week.

Improvements in Critical power from Week1 to Week6

If you are interested in having a closer look at their results in the critical power tests, you can find their numbers here:

Marc Moeller
Paul Skiba
Dave Simonson
Gonzalo Vilaseca

Ps. Thomas Davis has had some troubles with his knee, so he has only just begun on the training program.

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