Marc Moeller

Name: Marc Moeller
Age: 36
Power Meter: Power Tap Pro

Interview with Marc Moeller before the Power Meter Project 2007

Comments on Week 1 test results

Test results

Critical Power Tests 5sec 1min 5min 20min Body Weight
Week 1 (Watt) 1110W 600W 395W 337W 82.6kg/182lbs
Week 1 (Watt/kg) 13.4W/kg 7.3W/kg 4.8W/kg 4.1W/kg  
Week 6 (Watt) 1184W 649W 417W 351W 80.4kg/177.2lbs
Week 6 (Watt/kg) 14.7W/kg 8.1W/kg 5.2W/kg 4.4W/kg  
Week 12 (Watt) 1286W 684W 436W 352W 79.8kg/176lbs
Week 12 (Watt/kg) 16.1W/kg 8.6W/kg 5.5W/kg 4.4W/kg  

Participants in the Power Meter Project 2007
Paul Skiba
Thomas Davis
Dave Simonson
Gonzalo Vilaseca
Marc Moeller